Satin Jackets - Golden Cage EP

【当店人気盤!!】今までの作品がいずれも大好評を得てきた[Pole Jam Vinyl]から約2年振りとなる新作が登場。当レーベルの中心的存在Satin Jacketsが洗練されたロマンティックな感覚溢れるモダン・バレアリカ・トラックを繰り広げていった、いつもながら間違いなしの一枚に仕上がっています。大推薦盤!!

Following hot on the heels of his acclaimed 2nd album 'Solar Nights' German producer Tim Bernhardt, AKA Satin Jackets, returns to bring some much needed warmth to the winter with the release of the 'Golden Cage' EP.

Featuring three brand new instrumental tracks, the EP sees Bernhardt venture into more introspective territory, eschewing the more upfront pop direction of recent collaboration with Panama, 'Electric Blue', for something softer and more intimate.
Easing us into the EP, 'Coffee and Feels' is both classic Satin Jackets and aptly titled. A comforting blend of warm synth pads, gently unfolding arpeggios and plaintive guitar all wrapped in soft gauzy textures, 'Coffee and Feels' is just the thing to kickstart your day on a mellow autumnal morning.
'Meridian Gateway' meanwhile delivers the kind of optimistic yet wistful melodies that Bernhardt has time and time again shown himself to be a master of. Built around a series of poignant piano notes the track gently unfolds and reveals itself, shimmering like the first frost of the year catching the morning's rays.
Closing the EP we have 'Mercury Moments' which injects the susurration of distant voices into the mix of sparkling melodies, echoing chimes and finger clicking rhythms to stunning, emotive, effect.
Whilst 'Solar Nights' showcased Bernhardt's skill at crafting thoughtful left field pop music and coaxing the best out of lyricists and singers alike, the 'Golden Cage' EP reveals he's still a dab hand when it comes to crafting dreamlike nu-disco, as warming as a mug of gluhwein in midwinter.

Artist: Satin Jackets
Title: Golden Cage EP
Label: Pole Jam Vinyl
Format: 12"

A1: Meridian Getaway
B1: Mercury Moments
B2: Coffee And Feels


入荷日: 2020年07月02日
販売価格 1,990円(税込)
型番 PJV008