V.A. - Imaginaria EP


Music is a language. This new label is a hypothetical sound trip between skyscrapers, wild places, deep imaginary oceans in our mistreated, but fascinating globe. No specific musical genre, but a sort of global beat, winking especially at the Balearic sounds. You can call them edits or re-publications, but our belief is that you can make tracks that are extremely expensive, in their original version or that have never been printed on vinyl. Imaginaria wants to respect the publishers, authors, producers and musicians of the published songs, but fundamentally you who promote our idea.

Artist: V.A.
Title: Imaginaria EP
Label: Not On Label
Format: 12"

A1: State of Mind #3
A2: Vento Caldo
B1: Tres Reyes en Toledo
B2: Brazilian Trip

入荷日: 2020年12月23日
販売価格 1,950円(税込)
型番 imaginaria001