Sahar Z, Shai T - Roots / Colours

The third release on Moments, delivers the creme de la creme of the Tel Aviv scene. It's mind-blowing how many amazing artists from Tel-Aviv run prosperous international careers. Tourists adore the city for its sandy beaches and stunning coastline. However, locals focus their creative energy on building the underground dance music scene. The transgenerational experience of Sahar Z and Shai T brings a new perspective to the global club sound. Sahar Z is a legendary DJ that needs no introduction. His knowledge is apparent in his DJ sets but also in his sophisticated productions. Shai T is a rising star, bringing a fresh perspective and rule breaking new values. Their two-track masterpiece combines the elements of deep, intelligent, relaxing but rhythmic, percussive frequencies that unite both nostalgia and futurism.

Artist: Sahar Z, Shai T
Title: Roots / Colours
Label: Moments
Format: 12"

A1: Roots
B1: Colours


入荷日: 2021年10月20日
販売価格 2,190円(税込)