Trawl Hz - Burning Yard

インドはコルカタの火葬場、雑踏のフィールドレコーディングを用いて製作されたエクスペリメンタル・ミュータント・ステッパーズ、これは結構凄い!(Dr. Nishimura)
Burning Yard was created out of raw field recordings, captured by Trawl Hz whilst walking the streets and environs of Kolkata.
Intertwined with processed fauna, human and mechanical sounds, Burning Yard extracts the rhythms of a combustion engine - recorded in a workshop situated next to a traditional crematorium, where the dead were being burned on open pyres along the lapping shores of the Ganges - and warps machine rhythms into a heavyweight mutoid steppa. The searing gothic lead pad in the latter half of the track, was originally a floppy disk drive recorded in a local photocopy shop, and layered with choral voices, lifts the piece out of the city cacophony together with the spirits of the dead.

Stepping out of the sunshine, Burning Yard is a track for peak time room 2 and main floor adventurous DJs.

Flip over to Kolkata, and the listener is guided through the original field recordings woven into a montage of framed sonic moments.

Artist: Trawl Hz
Title: Burning Yard
Label: Trawl Hz
Format: 10"

A1: Kolkata (7:35)
B1: Burning Yard (6:56)


入荷日: 2022年10月18日
販売価格 2,850円(税込)
型番 Trawl 1