V.A. - The Complete Obscure Records Collection 75/78

巨匠Brian Enoが立ち上げ、1975年から78年までの間にシリーズとして計10枚のアルバムを発表した[Obscure Records]。このあと始まるあのAMBIENTシリーズへの布石にもなったであろう伝説的コレクション計10枚が、このたびコレクタブルな豪華ボックスセットとなってリプレスされました。各アルバムはリマスタリングされ、当時のジャケットとライナーノーツを忠実に再現。また、80ページに及ぶLPサイズのブックレットには、貴重な写真、アーカイブ資料、テキストなどが満載。限定1000セットの歴史的なコレクション、決してお安くはありませんがファンの方・コレクターの方は家宝としてぜひどうぞ!(Morihiro)

the first-ever LP box set gathering the entire 10 albums collection of Obscure Records produced by Brian Eno’s. Curated by Gavin Bryars.

Originally issued between 1975 and 1978, nearly 50 years on the output of Obscure remains radically forward-thinking - offering glimpses of a future yet to be fully seen - and amounts to one of the most important, influential, and creatively accomplished album series ever conceived.

Co-curated by Eno and the composers Gavin Bryars and Michael Nyman - issuing the recording debuts of Bryars, Nyman, John Adams, Christopher Hobbs, David Toop, Max Eastley, Jan Steele, Simon Jeffes / The Penguin Café Orchestra, and Harold Budd, in addition to important works by John Cage, Tom Phillips, and John White - Obscure’s collective output is a groundbreaking landmark in the histories of Minimalism, modern composition, and Experimental music, and laid much of the groundwork for the soon to emerge movement of Ambient music.

Illuminating the remarkable, and largely otherwise undocumented, creative ferment within and between the British and American scenes of experimental music during the mid to late 1970s, this collection - made in full collaboration with all of the composers or their estates - contains the entire 10 album output of Obscure, the majority of which have been out of print for years, with a number having never received a CD reissue.

Offering each of Obscure’s albums, completely remastered and housed in faithful replicas of their original covers and liner notes, as well as a 80-page book (LP dimension) for LP-BOX SET, filled with rare photos, archival material and texts by - among others - Gavin Bryars, Bradford Bailey, David Toop, Max Eastley, Richard Bernas, and Tom Recchion, this historic collection marks the first time this seminal series has received a complete LP repress.

Artist: V.A.
Title: The Complete Obscure Records Collection 75/78
Label: Dialogo
Format: 10LP Box Set

Disc 01
01. The Sinking of the Titanic
02. Jesus Blood Never Failed Me Yet

Disc 02
01. Christopher Hobbs - Aran
02. John Adams - American Standard - (i) 'John Philip Sousa'
03. John Adams - American Standard - (ii) 'Christian Zeal and Activity'
04. John Adams - American Standard - (iii) 'Sentimentals'
05. Christopher Hobbs - McCrimmon Will Never Return
06. Gavin Bryars - 1-2, 1-2-3-4

Disc 03
01. Discreet Music
02. Fullness of the Wind
03. French Catalogues
04. Brutal Ardour

Disc 04
01. Max Eastley - Hydrophone
02. Max Eastley - Metallophone
03. Max Eastley - The Centriphone
04. Max Eastley - Elastic Aerophone - Centriphone
05. David Toop - Do the Bathosphere
06. David Toop - The Divination of the Bowhead Whale
07. David Toop - The Chairs Story

Disc 05
01. Jan Steele - All Day
02. Jan Steele - Distant Saxophones
03. Jan Steele - Rhapsody Spaniel
04. John Cage - Experiences No.1
05. John Cage - Experiences No.2
06. John Cage - The Wonderful Widow of Eighteen Springs
07. John Cage - Forever and Sunsmell
08. John Cage - In a Landscape

Disc 06
01. 1-100
02. Bell Set No. 1

Disc 07
01. Penguin Cafe Single
02. From the Colonies
03. In a Sydney Motel
04. Surface Tension
05. Milk
06. Coronation
07. Giles Farnaby's Dream
08. Pigtail
09. The Sound of Someone You Love Who's Going Away and it Doesn't Matter
10. Hugebaby
11. Chartered Flight

Disc 08
01. John White - Autumn Countdown Machine
02. John White - Son of Gothic Chord
03. John White - Jew's Harp Machine
04. John White - Drinking and Hooting Machine
05. Gavin Bryars - The Squirrel and the Ricketty Racketty Bridge

Disc 09
01. Introduction
02. Overture
03. Aria "I Tell You That's Irma Herself"
04. First Interlude
05. Aria "Irma You Will Be Mine"
06. Second Interlude
07. Chorus "Love Is Help Mate"
08. Postlude

Disc 10
01. Bismillahi 'Rrahmani 'Rrahim
02. Two Songs
03. Madrigals of the Rose Angel
04. Juno

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