Crackazat - Beacon of Light EP (incl. Ron Trent Remix)

Freerange Records are happy to present the first of two EP’s taken from Crackazat’s forthcoming long-player, ‘Evergreen’. Featuring a stunning remix from Chicago house innovator, Ron Trent, the jazz-soaked EP serves as a tantalising preview of the tour de force that will soon follow.

Few artists have made a more powerful impact on the deep house universe over the last decade than producer, Ben Jacobs, better known as Crackazat. Consistently striking the sweet spot between dancefloor heat and cerebral musicality, his unique take on the house sound elegantly incorporates elements of jazz, garage, funk, hip hop, Latin, neo-soul, and beyond. Eagerly awaited album ‘Evergreen’ sees Jacobs soar far beyond the confines of his existing catalogue, incorporating a whole new level of songwriting prowess while making his full vocal debut. Bridging the gap between the soulful house underground and jazz- inspired crossover realms, 'Evergreen' is Crackazat’s most accomplished work to date and unquestionably primed to further enhance his already glittering reputation.

Blending the purest forms of deep house with authentic jazz sensibilities, EP opener 'Beacon Of Light' bursts with themes of positivity and gratitude. The virtuoso instrumentation endows the track with a distinctly live feel, while Jacobs’ inspired vocal charges the track with soul-rich sentiment. Intelligently crafted to bring the heat in all-manner of settings, its floor-focused beats and compelling arrangement combine to affect maximum impact whether played in the clubs, bars, or on the airwaves.

Next up, deep house luminary Ron Trent steps in with his awe-inspiring take on Crackazat’s modern jazz ballad, ‘Simple Things’. Trent needs little in the way of introduction, a bonafide Chicago house legend whose spiritually-infused sound is unmistakably his own and never fails to mesmerise. Lifting elements of the Robert Glasper-inspired original while spacing out the stirring falsetto vocal, Trent stretches the track into a meandering deep house epic. Voyaging through waves of Latin percussion, ethereal piano keys, and psychedelic synth sweeps, Trent takes us on a profoundly affecting dancefloor journey as only he can.

Next to arrive is Crackazat’s ‘Maritime Dub’ take on ‘Beacon Of Light’. Evolving over skippy house drums and thick bass, chords rise in to caress the looped and filtered vocal, periodically opening up into the full chorus line to add shimmer to the heads-down house bump. Aimed squarely at moving dancefloors while delicately tripped-out, this simmering groove sure to hit home with fans of the trademark Crackazat sonic.

Finally, the LP’s title track 'Evergreen’ launches with a sprightly jazz swing before dusty drums add weight to the sophisticated instrumentation. Here we find Jacobs presenting jazz and house as a single entity, with carefully orchestrated wind instruments, keys and mallets dancing over an improvised walking bass line, as the distant vocal elevates the track far into the stratosphere.

This four-track collection is destined to turn heads, alerting the extended dance community to the sheer scope of Crackazat’s forthcoming album and offering a glimpse into the breathtaking musical universe that awaits.

Artist: Crackazat
Title: Beacon of Light EP (incl. Ron Trent Remix)
Label: Freerange
Format: 12"

A1: Beacon Of Light
A2: Simple Things (Ron Trent Remix)
B1: Crackazat - Beacon Of Light (Maritime Dub)
B2: Evergreen


入荷日: 2022年03月23日
販売価格 2,290円(税込)
型番 FR273