Partenope - Boulevard EP

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[Early Sounds]周辺やNu Geneaらのお膝元でもあるイタリアはナポリの新レーベル第1弾。レーベルもアーティストも無名ながら、両面ともじっくりハマれる秀逸なスローモー・バレアリカ・トラックをしっかりハイレベルに繰り広げています。これは今後も期待できそうですね! (Morihiro)

Neapolis is a brand new label that kick off with some brilliantly seductive Balearic sounds for the warmer days and nights that are fast approaching. The accompanying notes tell us that 'the intoxicating songs of the Sirens found in the bay of Napoli are irresistible to all' and these tunes are no different. 'Boulevard' kicks off with icy drums but balmy synths all rolling smoothly onward to some distant imagined horizon. Delicate vocals add the key hooks while a dubbed out version on the flip is more fleshy and heady.

Artist: Partenope
Title: Boulevard EP
Label: Neapolis
Format: 12"

A1: Boulevard (6:44)
B1: Boulevard (dub) (6:44)


販売価格 1,790円(税込)
型番 NP001